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Frequently Asked Questions

Are campaigns shared in group texts?

SpeakEasy campaigns are always shared 1:1, directly from an Advocate to her friend / family member. This direct, personal communication makes the recipients feel like they are getting exclusive information from a valued friend. We do not allow Team Members to share campaigns in groups. 

Can recipients opt out of SpeakEasy?

Yes, they can. We place high value on privacy. If a recipient wants to opt out of receiving SpeakEasy campaigns, they can easily do so from each campaign’s landing page. They simply tap “opt-out” and confirm. Advocates are blocked from sending campaigns to recipients who have opted out. 

Can I delete Advocates from my team?

Yes, you can! If an employee leaves your organization, or you wish to remove an advocate for any reason, you can do so within the “View Team” section of the app or “Team Members” page of the web dashboard. 

Can I schedule campaigns ahead of time?

Of course! You can schedule campaigns to run over a range of dates, starting immediately or at any point in the future. Your campaign will be available to distribute and be engaged with over the selected date range. 

Can the same recipient receive a campaign twice?

No. SpeakEasy has built in rules to block recipients from receiving duplicates of the same campaign. Advocates are also restricted from sharing campaigns to other Advocates and to recipients who have opted out, ensuring your campaigns are being sent to the best, most valuable people. 

How do customers view campaigns?

It’s easy! Recipients simply receive a text message from a friend or family member (one of your Advocates) with a link to the campaign. This link opens a web browser, displaying the campaign. Our distribution process simulates the familiar and trusted experience of receiving a relevant link shared by a friend.  

What engagement rate can I expect?

Our average engagement rate is ~67%, meaning roughly 67% of recipients open the link and actually view the campaign. 

What fields can I include in my campaigns?

Campaign Image: adds a visual to describe or help promote the campaign. SpeakEasy automatically adjusts the dimensions to fit the screen. 

Campaign Title: the campaign’s tagline / main message

Campaign Date Range: the date or range of dates on which the campaign will be active, sharable, viewable, and redeemable. 

Campaign Details: a description of the campaign in further detail. 

Coupon Code: optional. If you need a coupon for any purpose, this is where to place it. 

Conditions: optional. This is where to place any restrictions like time of day, order quantity, etc. if you have any.

Age Restriction: optional. Select from a drop down the appropriate restriction. 

Restrictions: optional. If you want to push your Advocates to share offers with new recipients, this is how to do it. 

Offer Type: what is the goal / CTA of your campaign?

Redirect URL: paste link in this field to drive recipients to your a webpage of your choice. Ex: redirect to shopping cart for a “Buy Now” CTA. 

Select Location(s): select at least one location at which the campaign will be valid. 

Select Team: select all employees and/or friends who you want to help distribute your campaign. The more you select, the greater reach your campaign will have. 

Include Newly Invited Employees/Advocates: check if you want to include Advocates who join your team after you create the campaign. 

Limit Shares: if you want to limit the number of recipients each Advocate can send a campaign to, denote in this field. 

Can customers easily find our contact information?

Within each campaign, customers have convenient links to your business’ website URL, address (which opens in Google Maps), and phone number. SpeakEasy makes it easy for customers to connect with you! 

Advocates are assigned to a specific location. When customers receive a campaign, they see the contact information connected to that Advocate’s location.

Can I create campaigns on my phone?

Yes! On the SpeakEasy App, managers and marketers can easily create campaigns on their phone or tablet. This is useful when looking to push a campaign quickly for immediate distribution. 

Can I restrict the number of recipients who can receive a campaign?

If you want a campaign to be exclusive, you can add a limit to the number of shares per Advocate. We do the math for you, so you can see the maximum number of recipients that can be sent the campaign. 

This limitation is optional for each campaign you run. 

Can I see stats on my Advocates?

Yes, you can! For each Advocate, you can see the number of shares, engagements, and conversions. You can see aggregate data for an individual advocate for all campaigns, or data for individual campaigns. 

Advocates will see their personal Successful Shares score – gamifying the act of sharing more often and more effectively targeting recipients. 

Do customers need an app to view campaigns?

This is a huge benefit to using SpeakEasy! Customers do not need an app to receive, open, view or engage with any of our campaigns. Recipients simply open a text message from their friend, with a link to your campaign, which opens in a web browser, like Safari or Chrome. 

Does SpeakEasy store Advocate's contacts?

No. SpeakEasy respects the privacy of all our users and campaign recipients. We do not store contact lists from our users. 

We capture recipients’ phone numbers to generate our engagement stats, and to ensure our business rules (blocking duplicate campaigns, opt outs, etc.) are being enforced. 

How do Advocates know when to share campaigns?

When a new campaign is made available, all included Advocates automatically receive a notification alerting them to view and share it. When onboarding your Advocates, make sure they enable push notifications for the SpeakEasy app.

Is SpeakEasy available for Apple and Android?

Yes! SpeakEasy is compatible with all smartphones. You and your Advocates can find the SpeakEasy app in the Apple or Google Play store.

From what phone number do customers receive campaigns?

Recipients get campaigns directly from the Advocate who decided to share it with them. This means that recipients will always receive SpeakEasy campaigns from a personal contact of theirs, rather than some unknown 6 digit number. The direct communication leads to direct communication, trust, and higher conversion rates. 

What data do I see from my campaigns?

SpeakEasy compiles data both from your individual campaigns, as well as from individual Advocates. 

For each campaign, see the number of recipients it was sent to, number of recipients who engaged with it, and the number of recipients who followed your call to action (CTA). 

You can see the same data points from each Advocate for individual campaigns, or aggregate data from all campaigns the Advocate has participated in. 

How long does it take to create a campaign?

We built SpeakEasy to be quick and easy! Our customers generally create campaigns in less than 5 minutes. Our campaign editor is straightforward and simple, yet incredibly powerful and versatile. Let your Advocates target the right recipients for you instead of spending time trying to use keywords to reach the right people. 

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